Steering Problems

Don’t Wait for your Steering to Fail

Take notice of the early signs of faulty power steering systems and get it checked out. This will not only help keep you and your passengers safe, but can also help to save you money.

Finding Faults

Sometimes, when power steering develops a fault, it can be unclear where the problem may actually lie.

Jay Gee offer a testing service in order to make sure the correct component is changed – whether it is a rack, box, pump, or none of them because the problem lies elsewhere.

This helps private customers and commercial business customers to keep costs down and their vehicles off the road for as little time as possible.

We also offer to waive the cost of the test if the component is found to be at fault and a replacement part ordered from us.

Common Power Steering Problems

Heavy Steering

Possible cause #1 – a damaged or loose power steering belt.

Possible Cause #2 – an internal leak in your power steering rack or steering rack external leakage.


Possible cause – if you are experiencing a squealing noise then the steering fluid level and the pump belt should be checked.

Steering Pump Failure

A few symptoms – noise, excessive revs needed for power steering assistance, steering heavy (common to both left and right sides).


Possible cause – contamination of power steering fluid. Dirty fluid means contamination of the system; a new pump and rack may be needed if swift action is not taken.