Car and Commercial Power Steering Rack and Pinion, Pump, and Box Suppliers

Quality Car and Commercial Rack and Pinion, Box and Pump Reconditioners and Suppliers.

Jay Gee Hydraulic Service’s product base includes manual and power steering rack and box parts for both car and commercial vehicles. We specialize in hydraulic power steering pump units. Based in Bilston in the U.K. we ship locally same day, next day throughout most of the United Kingdom and offer various shipping options for our international customers.

Manual and Power Steering units can be supplied:

  • On a fully reconditioned exchange basis
  • On an outright sale basis
  • On a repair basis
  • On a test only basis
  • Tested and warrantied
  • From stock or customer’s unit
  • Nationally
  • Internationally

Jay Gee Power Steering Car and Commercial Rack, Box and Pump application’s are supplied to both the trade and to the individual vehicle owner. We welcome customers who need a part testing rather than reconditioned.

We also cover cab lift rams, tie rods, seal kits, boots and hoses.

Seal Kits

Buy seal kits for racks and pumps securely online at our Steering Seals site. Rack boots and tie rods are also available.

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